Who is Robert Elwell?

Robert Elwell
In the flesh, enjoying some ice cream.

I am a software engineer living in San Bruno, California. I'm currently working at Lookout, in San Francisco, where I'm helping to bring mobile security to the enterprise space. In the past, I have worked on interesting problems in natural language and information, such as search and big-data modeling. In the same search and NLP vein, I'm the author of an introductory video series on Apache Solr.

As a hobby, I run my own freelance software business. Among my past clients is MalwareBytes, where I had the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting open-source projects. This includes DapsBundle, my most popular open-source project, which integrates LDAP support into Symfony 2. I'm always open to additional contracting opportunities in the areas of search, NLP, software architecture, and engineering management. I am also the current lead contributor of solrcloudpy, a Python client for Solrcloud.

I occasionally blog about software architecture, distributed system, search, and NLP here. You can follow me on Twitter, or just see what I'm currently coding.