Welcome to the new blog feature on RobertElwell.info, which is my personal homepage moved from the UT Computational Linguistics group's web hosting to its own domain and host. The main site has had a bit of a redesign, but you should notice that the blog is its very own thing. I've tried to keep the top navigation in the same exact spot, so ideally you're still habituated to where the important links are from styling to styling.

I've implemented this new site in WordPress, creating my own theme along the way. I'll just say that working with WordPress is a tremendous step back from working in the Zend Framework. I understand that it's intended for people who want to hit the ground running, people who want to focus more on style and easy administrative UI than, say, clarity of code or extensibility to newer versions of PHP. I just worry that if the community doesn't get its act together and drop PHP4 support entirely, they're going to drown in their own spaghetti code. That being said, you're reading a WordPress implementation done in less than ten hours of coding time (most of it being styling and migration), so it's really not that terrible, unless you want to make any significant changes within the API.

Now that I'm hosting my own blog, I'll have a reason to write a bit more. I've got a lot of big, exciting things coming up in my life, but after all those get squared away, I have a considerable mental list of things I'll be riffing about. Stay tuned!