So I've been a little quiet on this blog lately. I've been busy devoting a lot of my free time to some interesting contracting opportunities.

I'm currently working with Time Doctor, LLC, a company working on the sites and, as a retained technical advisor. It's a great opportunity to work on different software in my spare time and continue honing my craft. I get the opportunity to analyze code quality and application architecture, and solve some interesting problems on a useful stack of productivity and hiring tools. I'd see myself continuing on in this capacity for the foreseeable future, since I really enjoy doing it in my free time.

Here and there, I've also been providing some additional time to, a really cool cutting-edge music blog that's got some interesting new features on the up and up. Keep an eye out for those changes to come into effect real soon.

My big announcement is that I will be changing my full-time employment from Software Architect at AetherQuest Solutions to Senior Software Engineer at Wikia. I'm making this change for a lot of reasons. Working at a top-50 website is definitely up there. And I'm really excited to get into Big Data again now that the technology has progressed a bit. I'm excited to use my search knowledge again, too, after spending so much time on other sort of enterprise-level concerns in my current role.

I'll be continuing strengthening my skills in application architecture, technical definition, and project management on the side as I work through some important issues with Global Workforce. This is important to me, because I don't want to lose any of the momentum I've achieved over the last year and change.

I had a lot of great opportunities to learn and grow at AQS, and I'm really proud of what I accomplished there. But it's about time I put the "language" back in "Language Hacker"!